2018 Tracking and Results

Athlinks is the primary source for all 2018 NJM race results, tracking, photos, finisher certificates. 
* All Saturday and Sunday participants can find final results at the main link above.
* All Sunday participants can be followed through the live-timed splits locations on the main results site at the 6.2m, 8.6 Mile, 13.1m, 15m, 20m and 22m splits.
** Sunday Solo Runner Tracking
For Marathon and Half Marathon solo participants the NJM is utilizing a mapped-mobile splits location tracking feature through the Athlinks App. Give your followers the instructions for obtaining the app - click here.  Followers who have the app on a device can click on the main results link and automatically go to the app and the live solo runner tracking.
* Marathon Relay
Check the live-timed splits results at the main link to see teammates crossing a transition point at 8.6 Mile, 15 Mile, or 22 Mile splits.
* Runner Photos:
Marathon Photos will upload participant  images as quickly post-race as possible after each day's races.  Images can be found on the participant results page by locating by name/bib and scrolling down to the Marathon Photos link-button.
* Custom NJM Finisher Certificates can be printed for all races through the Athlinks individual participant results page.


For previous years results, visit our Athlinks Page.