Helping charitable organizations continue their important work while doing something that you already spend considerable time doing is a great way to derive even more enjoyment from your athletic endeavors!

Runner - Do you want to run IN the NJM on behalf of a Charity?

Interested in fundraising for a charity? Check out the Charity Partner list on our main web pages and follow the link to the charity of your choice organization's home and get started fundraising through their partnership with the 2020 NJM.

HELLO Charity Partners!

The Novo Nordisk NJM is  pleased to offer you assistance in the way of registration incentives as you provide runners with a fundraising opportunity for your 501(c)(3) organization. With several distance races to choose from, you can reach out to all levels of athletes including avid marathoners, beginning runners and anyone in-between. The flat, fast, scenic courses are favorites for first-timers and veterans which coupled with the NJM partner incentive programs, provides your organization with a great opportunity for a successful campaign.

What are we offering?

Organizations receive Official Charity Partner status and program benefits with a commitment of as small a group as 5 race registrations. We offer a 10% off Charity Partner entry discount to all of your charity fundraisers as they register for any of the 2020 New Jersey Marathon race distances.  The additional incentives to you and your runners will increase as the number of affiliated Charity runners grows -- and range from a special gift item up to a customized medal and commemorative race bib. 

What do we need from you?

We will ask you to complete the partner application form to authorize the race entries agreement between the New Jersey Marathon and your Charity.  We will also ask you to provide us with organization contact information, and a URL to which we can point prospective fundraisers - a "home" web-type page address.  And when you have it available, a fundraising site address. (If you don't already have a provider, we recommend RunSignUp for the best features, tools, and pricing in the non-profit fundraising industry!)

How Will it Work?

When the agreement is received and authorized, we will provide a registration entry code for you to distribute to your runner-fundraisers as described in the agreement.  Each runner-fundraiser will complete their own online race entry using the code to receive their entry discount and to be identified as a member of the Charity group.   Rosters can be requested semi-monthly, and a full accounting for incentive fulfillment will be on April 1 with 150+ and 500+ roster levels' additional deadlines noted in the 2020 NJM Group/Charity incentives matrix.


The 2020 Novo Nordisk Marathon thanks runners and our non-profit Charity Partners for helping us support healthy communities.