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New Jersey Marathon Relay
Running is better with a friend

The Half Marathon Relay combines the excitement of the world-class half marathon with the camaraderie of a team relay event. It will be run on the same course, and at the same time, as the half marathon. Our relay allows both the youngest and oldest athletes to enjoy the half marathon experience, businesses to sponsor their employees in a fun, team-building event, and family members to work together to achieve their goals.

The first leg of the race will be approximately 6.9 miles long. It will begin at the start line and end at the relay transition area. The second leg of the race will be approximately 6.2 miles long. It will start at the relay transition area and end at the finish line.

> Half marathon relay fees


Each member of a relay team will need to sign up for the event. The first team member to sign up will create the team name, become the team captain and pay for the team’s entry fee. Make sure that your teammate knows your team name so they can select it when registering.


The relay transition area is located at Tocci Ave. in Monmouth Beach (at the corner of Tocci Ave. and Griffin Street). Relay staff will be on-site to answer questions and ensure each team completes the hand-off properly. Please adhere to all directions from the staff.

Limited local parking will be available within .25 miles of the transition area in Monmouth Beach. Buses will be available at the Bus Station in Monmouth Park to move the second runner to the drop-off point near the transition area. These shuttles will leave for the transition area just before the start of the race. Shuttles will also be available near the transition area to move the first runner from there to the finish line. The shuttle buses from the transition area to the finish area will be available until 9:30 a.m., which is 1:45 after the start of the last corral.

Race Day

  • Please wear your bib on the front of your shirt as all runners do.
    Two finishers medals for the entire team will be given to the last runner/walker after they turn in the timing chip.
  • Teams with walkers or slow runners are welcome to participate in these events, provided you are able to complete the entire race in 3 hours and 15 minutes from the time the first person crosses the start line until the second person crosses the finish line.
  • Relay team members will each wear the same bib number and with the electronic timing tag affixed to the back of each as all other runners.  The tag off area is in the transition area and is a High-Five honor system.
  • Two finishers medals for the entire team will be given to the last runner/walker after they turn in the timing chip.