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Pace Teams
Strength in numbers

Want to give yourself an extra boost toward meeting your time goal on race day or just add some fun and entertainment to your race? Join a pace team!

A pace team is a group of runners led by an experienced leader who run together in the marathon. The pace leader runs a steady pace and keeps track of that pace so that the group can achieve their goal of finishing the marathon at a particular time. There are wonderful benefits of running with a pace group. You’ll be supported by a cheerful leader and will be side by side with other runners sharing the same goal as you. And the best part — running with a pace team is free to registered runners and doesn’t cost you anything!

Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon Pacers will run at paces from 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours.  The times are broken into increments of 5 minutes for a finish under 2 hours, and 10 minutes for a finish under 2 hours 30 minutes, and 15 minutes for a finish under 3 hours.

Race Day

About 30 minutes before the start, pace teams will begin assembling in the starting area. Look for the signs which show the various pace times. These signs will be held high by members of the pace groups and will be staggered in starting order according to pace (faster times closest to the start line). Your pacer(s) will meet you at the appropriate sign.

Official pacers will be wearing special bibs which display their individual pace time. About 15 minutes before the start, the pacer will give you some last-minute instructions about running with the group. They will talk about the course, what to do if you need a break and how to make it through the water stops.

The 2017 Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon pacers and pace times are below for reference as you plan your race strategy.


Meet the Team here ….

Become a Pacer

The 2017 Pacer Teams are full, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to Otto to ask to be placed on his reserve list.

Here are some attributes which you must meet in order to be considered as a member of the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Half Marathon Pacing Team:

  • You enjoy helping others reach their goal.
  • You can run at a steady pace, which is moderately slower than your normal race pace.
  • You’ve finished at least two half marathons recently.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in becoming a pacer, please send an email to our pace team coordinator, Otto Lam, at giving us your three pacing time choices, the number of half marathons you’ve run and two recent finish times (not while pacing).

You’ll feel terrific knowing that you’ve helped fellow runners reach their goals. As our sincere thank you for your assistance in helping us make the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon weekend a fantastic success, you’ll also receive a complimentary race entry and pasta dinner.