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Security Measures
Learn the do's and don'ts on race day

The following security measures apply to all athletes, volunteers and spectators.

Start Area

  • ALL backpacks, duffle bags, draw string bags or similar non-translucent bags will NOT be permitted to enter Monmouth Park.
  • Athletes will be provided with one race issued clear plastic bag. All equipment must be placed within race issued bag in order to enter Monmouth Park race morning. If you arrive at the Monmouth Park entrance with a bag other than the official race issued clear plastic bag, you will have two choices:
    • Return to your vehicle and leave your bag there
    • Transfer all of your items into a race issued clear plastic bag before being permitted to enter the venue
  • Note: Fanny packs, hydration belts, water bottles and/or small hydration-only packs will be allowed, but are subject to search at any time.

Finish Line

  • There will be NO BAGS permitted to enter the finish venue for both athletes and spectators (this includes race issued clear plastic bags, purses, backpacks, diaper bags, etc.).
  • Post-race, athletes will be able to retrieve their clear, plastic gear bag from the Gear Check area. However, for security reasons, these bags will NOT be permitted within the festival area. Athletes will be able to retrieve what they need from their bags and there will be change tents available for athletes to change their clothes. Anyone leaving the Gear Check area with the clear plastic bag will be directed to the venue exit.
  • Spectators should leave all bags in their vehicles. There will be police security check points at all entrances to the Finish Festival. Any spectator who has a bag will be asked to bring it back to their vehicle before they will be permitted to enter the venue.